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How to Setup SRT D60M Multi-beam Dish

SRT D60M is a new dish in the system.Is a special dish design to hold 5 LNBs at a time and also can received 7 satellite. SRT D60M is 60cm dish.which can be mount anywhere.

How to Mount

1.    After playing out the dish/frill collecting.

2.    Mount the dish on its supporting arm and guarantee that the reflector is confronting the South

3.    Adjust the rise and azimuth point. The modification may differ somewhat relying upon the area.

4.    Begin with following of the grapple/focal satellite that is SES@4.9*East (TP:12054/V/30000) by altering the rise and azimuth. In different works, the installer is to tilt the whole dish around the neck of the supporting arm.

5.    After accepting most extreme sign on the grapple satellite, affix each bunch on the dish to secure the dish solidly.

6.    Slide the LNBs over the LNBF bar to track the other satellite.

7.    You can utilize this 60cm dish to track up to 5 satellite including ASTRA 2F,EUTELSAT 16A,SES5,EUTELSAT 7A AND ABS 3A.




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