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Secret Code To Watch Adult Channels on Strong Decoder

All the live long day there are numerous channels adding to Strong decoders which are making its viewers to get best pleasure in their decoders. These days numerous individuals look on the web to get any perfect on the most proficient method to watch Adult channels on the Strong decoder. Truth be told there such a variety of channels on the solid decoders which have been scrambled dollar $ image.. All these and others channel arrive for you to watch. I have laid my hand on codes to decoded every one of these channels. While, I might be indicating some solid decoders which underpins these codes, try not to be restricted to the rundown of decoders specified here Tried this codes on some other solid decoder in your ownership. [sam id=”” codes=”true”]

There is no mischief in attempting .Be cautioned, don’t alter simply anything, else you might harm your decoder.

Special functions
 To Open Patch : dial 6969 (twice)
 Open BISS keys: Edit menu: dial 8280 (safe to use, but be careful)
 Open Key code edit menu: dial 8282 (avoid this, unless you know what you are doing)
 Open Server edit menu: dial 8281 (avoid this, unless you know what you are doing)

 Press MENU
 Go to Entertainment
 Dial 9696

Press OK to call channel list (“All” has to be selected)

Finally press F4.
To Open Adult IPTV channels
Go IPTV List and press OK
 Press F4 (to call IPTV List)
 Finally press 9696.
SRT4950, SRT4950H & SRT4950M
 Open patch: F1+6969 (avoid this, unless you know what you are doing)
 Open Server Setting Menu: F1+8281 (avoid this, unless you know what you are doing)
 Open Key Setting Menu: F1+8280
 Finally, Press “WWW” key on the Remote,
 Press F1+9999 and “You Porn” icon will pop up.



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