Watch AFCON 2017 On Multi TV for free

After a long break, I have chosen to furnish you with this trap. The greater part of you particularly my West Africa savages who are utilising Astra 2F 28.8 as their wellspring of the satellite to see Multi TV. There is this specific Free-To-Air station on Astra 2F 28.8 called GTV/GTV sports plus which is broadcasting from Ghana. This channel is the main station on Multi TV that is communicating the continuous AFCON 2017 yet amid the match time frame this station will go disconnected and return after the game has been finished.

So today I have chosen to help you all how to get some mystery channel of Multi TV where you can openly watch the AFCON 2017.

  • Press Manu
  • Installation/Satellite settings
  • Scan Mode – Blind
  • Press Enter to scan


  • Press menu key on your remote control
  • Enter four zeros as PIN ( 0000) to open the system if you have not change your password
  •  Select installation or transponder
  •  Select Manual
  •  Enter these codes
  •  Frequency: 12687
  •  Symbol Rate: 02220
  •  Polarisation choose: Vertical (V)
  •  Press ok

On the other hand, you can enter this code manually, Enter these codes

  •  Frequency: 12688
  •  Symbol Rate: 01820/01823
  •  Polarisation choose: Horizontal (H) 
  •  Press OK
  • Ericsson Service
  • TV 101
  • Church

Any of these channels broadcasts the matches Live.

Have a nice day.





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